Skincare to Splurge On Around Australia

Skincare to Splurge on: We’ve rounded up the most luxurious self-care experiences around Australia.

We all know that self-care can be a great way of winding down after a long day. Whether it is a short massage, painting your nails, washing your hair – it can make you feel fresh and full of life. However, some experiences will cost you more than others, especially when 24K gold is involved. We’ve rounded up the most luxurious (and expensive) self-care experiences around Australia that will rival your usual skincare routine. 

Not looking to spend a million dollars on the next beauty trend? Luckily, you can take The  Pamper Gift Card to any hair, beauty or nail salon that accepts eftpos around Australia. So – go on, treat yourself. 


In the skincare world, this is also known as Microneedling for PRP – known to rejuvenate the skin using your own platelet rich plasma. It can look like you’ve dressed up for Halloween, but it boasts big results, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Bar Refeli being opting for the treatment. It can promote the growth of healthy cells, as you are using your own rich blood – which is extracted, spun to reveal the platelets and then reinjected back into your face. There are many different types of PRP Microneedling available in Australia, but it will set you back around $1,500 for the most Advanced Treatment at All Saints Clinic in Sydney, or $500 for the singular facial. If you’re wanting to play it safe, normal Microneedling will set you back around $300 at Australian Skin Clinics available in every state.


With the hype around golden beauty products hitting supermarket shelves in recent years, there is no surprise that high-end beauty salons around the world have introduced an elusive 24-Karat Gold Facial. Starting at around $150, most facials use a mix of hyaluronic acid and a layer of gold sheet to boost collagen production. If you’re in Queensland, head to La Beauty Skin and Nails to indulge, while if you are in Sydney, head to Fleur Delys Medi Spa to preen and pamper. 


Treat the male in your life with a Christopher Hanlon exclusive parfum – made from their bespoke perfumery. With an engraved bottle, and hand plated with gold and a silver medallion neck tag, these fragrances come in at a whopping $8,000 per 200mL. These capsule collections were originally only reserved for heads of state and the Australian Parliament, but are now offered to all private collectors or those willing to pay the price tag.

To enquire about a bespoke perfume experience, head to their website or their store in Sydney’s CBD. 


This isn’t your ordinary facial. Using white and gold caviar, both The Darling in Sydney and The Crown in Perth offer White Caviar Illuminating Facials. Upwards of $300, this facial is made for cleansing, firming and whitening the skin; it promises to leave the skin bright and dewy. Once your skin is heavily cleansed and extractions are done, the technician will apply a cellular peel and an eye cream. It sounds simple, but it is meant to draw away impurities and leave your skin feeling illuminated. 


We’ve all heard of Botox, but the new trend for 2020 is Frotox – using a controlled stream of pressurised liquid nitrogen to your face, neck and scalp. Aiming to reduce your pore size, reduce redness and inflammation, soothe skin and releases toxins, a Frotox Facial will set you back around $100 for a half-an-hour session via Ritual Cryo in Melbourne

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