Online Shops for Teens that are like... Rad

If you’ve resorted to researching the best online shops for teens, you probably have one of your own that is most likely, as easy to read as astronomy. There’s no knowing what’s on-trend currently, so you have to rely on the knowledge of others around you or the trusty old internet. 

Well, we’re going to divulge into the best places to shop for teenage guys and a concoction of shops for teen girls. And, don’t worry, you can hold our word as gospel; we collab with a heap of stores through our Teen Gift Card. We’ve hand-selected a range of retailers that frequently put smiles on dials, which is somewhat of a divine intervention for teenagers. 

What to look for? 

Okay, step 1, you don’t really need to know what to look for so long as you’ve landed on the right website telling you what to buy; that’s the beauty of the internet. Don’t exhaust yourself trying to keep up with ‘what’s cool’. Odds are, it has changed next week and you’re left with “oh wow… I’ll definitely wear this!” a phrase commonly riddled with superficial undertones and increased levels of resentment. 

Well, you’ve already found a trustworthy article, so tick that box! Now it’s time to choose one of the mentioned retailers and have a look at the brand.

You can usually tell if a brand caters to a teen demographic through their marketing, you can even cross-reference the brand with one of their friends. But ultimately, the key to choosing the right retailer is to capitalise on diversity. 

Not to shameless plug or anything, but that’s why the Teen Card is a safe bet. You’ve got like twenty or so retailers that your teen can select from, or, if they want to spend it online, they can easily just transfer it over into a voucher of their choosing. - We’ll leave a link on how to do that here - How to use the Teen Gift Card.

So here are the retailers/Brands that we promised you!

Our List of Shops for Teens

We’ll go into detail on a few of our favourites, but first up, here is our list of retailers available through the Teen Card. 


JB Hi-Fi


Foot Locker




Tommy Hilfiger 


Universal Store

Calvin Klein

Culture Kings



Surf Dive n Ski


White Fox



Princess Polly


Beginning Boutique




Ugg Express

The NRL shop

The AFL store





Best Places to Shop for Teenage Guys

First of all, we don’t want to stereotype what your teen is like or likes but, to assume that they aren’t at all interested in video games, music, technology, fashion, or sports would be naive. So we’ll work on this common ground taking into account the stores that we constantly hear customers raving about.

JB Hi-Fi

Just as we promised; video games, technology, music and beyond. JB Hi-Fi is one of the most diverse stores you could gift from. It’s one of those stores you have to walk through with a plan; otherwise, you end up leaving with nothing in the bank and a fist full of bright yellow shopping bags. 

JB Hi-Fi marks the top of our list of the best places to shop for teenage guys, not only for its diversity but the longevity of the gift. Consider the hours of joy spent completing all the quests and side missions of their new video game. We’re not condoning excessive behaviours but having the lad out of your hair for a while isn’t such a bad thing.

The best online shops that are going to please all parties are ones that not only strive to keep up with fresh trends but set them as well. 

Nike has always been at the forefront of this mentality. Through clothing and their philosophies, Nike has maintained engagement with younger generations making them an integral part of the fashion industry here in Australia. 

Giving the lad a chance to freshen up his sports wardrobe this Christmas or birthday isn’t a bad way to increase motivation and get him outside in the sunshine, especially if gaming is a dominant joy in his lives.

Also, we need to mention that Nike and JB Hi-Fi are obviously not secluded to teen guys. There are just a lot of other retailers we want to mention for the ‘Shops for Teen Girls’ section coming up.

Short List
Here are a few more on the shortlist!

  • Billabong
  • The AFL Store
  • InterSport
  • Platypus

Shops for Teen Girls

We are entirely against segregating gender, and if your teen is interested in a shop from another category, WE ARE ALL FOR IT!  But for the sake of categorising, this is how we’ve set it up. So, let’s dive into a couple of crowd-pleasing shops for teen girls that will correlate with what’s popular at the moment. 


So if you live near the beach, which 80 % of Australians do, Quicksilver is an absolute commodity. Whether your teen is into surfing, skating, surf fashion, or just lounging on the hot sands, Quicksilver is a top pick.

Alternatively, if getting amongst the fresh powder is more their thing, then the snow collection is just as good as their summer range. Once again, diversity is pretty crucial when you’re buying for teens. It’s hard keeping up with their social calendar; you’re not expected to either, though some try. Letting them choose is a safe bet.

We understand that when faced with the inevitable transition from modest clothing to fashion deemed ’revealing’ rejection is accustomed, it’s fair. And to accommodate this attitude, Showpo is a great online fashion retailer that offers a modest collection of designs from a heap of great brands. 

Have a look at the website and take a look at the brands... guarantee that they or their friends are wearing at least 3 of the brands mentioned. Cool Club, Dr Martins, to Charlie Holiday… solid brands.

Short List

  • White Fox
  • Princess Polly
  • Adidas
  • Calvin Klein

Reading an entire article on the latest trends, teen clothing, and online clothing stores for teens is undoubtedly one way to get good gift results, but opening the lines of communication also works. Ask what they want! I’m sure they’ll be happy to give you a rough estimate, then at least that way you are working within the confines of suggestion. 

Another way to ensure you are gifting in the correct department is getting a Teen Gift Card, 20 + retailers to choose from, there is 100 % something that they will love; guarantee it! Check it out!

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