The Best Gift Card for Teenage Girls

It’s not easy choosing a gift card for teenage girls, they can be pedantic and across the board particular with the brands they prefer. We’ve got you sorted.

The Best Gift Card for Teenage Girls

 You're stressing about what to buy her this year? The fact that you're even researching for present solutions definitely means a gift card is a step in the right direction, let her choose... it’s safer that way. So our suggestion? Simple, the Teen Card - it has heaps of retailers she can choose from and if that’s not enough well, we can’t help you… sad face emoji!

Gift cards for teens are a saving grace. Parents are constantly under scrutiny, buying gifts that seemed cool at the checkout but in reality, they are something that was cool several seasons before. It’s a fast paced industry, adapt or die so it seems. 

The Teen Gift Card

This gift card covers the best retail brands around, from sneakers to fashion to technology, games and everything in between. The choice is yours - so get out and find your favourite gift.

Retailers Under the Teen Card

Let’s take a look at girl teen clothing brands in Australia, covered by the Teen Gift Card

Ok, it’s that time of year where girls start gearing up for summer and the old wardrobe go to’s were, in her words, “so last year”. So, naturally, your best choice of gift is one that's fashion related. ASOS was one of the first big online retailers that gained traction for affordable designer fashion that’s current, and circumnavigates a myriad of brands that tailor fits every taste of style a teenage girl could posses.

 Honestly, there is something for every girl, it doesn’t matter whether they’re streets, punk rat, or going for a Byron Bay golden sands elegance. And look, buying gifts for Australian teenagers these days is like Russian Roulette so you may as well rig the game; take all rounds out of the gun and buy a Teen Gift Card covering ASOS and a huge range of other brands that they obsess over. 

 Gifts for Teenage Girls in Australia - With ASOS

White Fox
You know when you see this particular teen that you’re buying for, scrolling the feed looking at god knows what? Odds are that White Fox’s Instagram is one of the things demanding her attention span… for sure. Seriously, this brand has nailed their line of clothing and they’ve found a styled balance between sports attire, everyday wear, party and summer get-ups and a long line of swimwear that’s on point.

White Fox Boutique has this Lana Delray L.A dream forward fashion vibe and it’s one of the reasons that they are so damn popular. Definitely a brand that contributes to our Teen Card owning the ‘best gift card for teenage girls’ heavy-weight title. 

Gifts for Teenage Girls in Australia with White Fox Boutique

Princess Polly
Princess Polly is an Australian Brand with a presence in LA and no means of slowing down. They put forth a body-positive mantra through their attitude to the fashion industry and the image that they portray through marketing, modelling, and how they treat their consumers. 

 Gift cards for teens that have a broad selection of fashion brands to choose from always deliver results, know why? Just think about the evolution of your gift. Firstly, you receive the gift, which in itself is lovely, then you get the satisfaction of actually shopping (which is a guilty pleasure for most). And lastly, when they’re getting compliments left right and centre they are persistently reminded of how epic their gift was!

Take a look at Princess Polly range and see if their line suits her. 

Gifts for Teenage Girls in Australia with Princess Polly

The Oodie
Okay if you haven’t heard of the Oodie you must be living under a rock, a real heavy one, like granite... or marble. You might remember the advertisement about cousin Steven forcing his garlic addiction onto his relatives and apparently their Oodies. Well it took Australian gift-giving by storm, every second ole’ mate has an Oodie that they pull out for those day-long movie marathons when the rain won’t quit.

Oodies are great if you’re living in Sydney or Melbourne and lockdowns have semi run your life for the last 2 years. Your teen is going to hate lockdown just a little bit less if it’s done in ultimate comfort (the Teen Card also covers the Ugg Shop!!).

Gifts for Teenage Girls in Australia - with Oodie 


Beginning Boutique

If you’re in the process of selecting a gift card for a teen girl then you want to consider what time of year they will be spending said gift card. If we’re talking about a Christmas gift then we are inevitably approaching the summer season which equally translates to festival season. Not sure if you’re clued in about how important a festival outfit is but it’s probably 30 % of why people (girls) go to festivals. They can show off their recent online shopping expeditions, chat about it with friends all the while having a dance and listening to some good music.

 They’ll definitely want to check out Beginning Boutique’s 2021 Festival Outfits Collection. Literally tailored to the Australian festival goer, every outfit slots into a category of its own - on-trend and listed by a range really good brands that BB stock on the website, we’re talking Nana Judy, Lioness, Eclat, the Edit and a heap more brands, all of which she’s going love.

The great thing is that even if there are a couple brands or retailers that they don’t like there are a thousand more on offer… can’t really go wrong…

Gifts for Teenage Girls in Australia - with Beginning Boutique 


The Teen Gift Card for Girls

Here is what you need to know about the Teen Card. You can use it at any of the selected retailers mentioned above and on the Teen Card page. Check it Out!


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