How to Pamper a Girl on a Birthday or Anniversary

8 suggestions and recommendations on how to pamper a girl, from physical activities, gestures and gifts that will get you solid brownie points.

How to Pamper a Girl on a Birthday or Anniversary

Okay boys, we know you’re looking for a Bible-like transcript that gifts you the knowledge of all things good and evil, exposing the hidden truths of ‘what women want’. But unless you’re Mel Gibson or you know something that we don’t, the easiest way to find out how to pamper a girl is to ask them what they want.

Most of the time, guys just want to be told what to buy or where to go for a romantic getaway. But, we’ve done the hard work for you and done some digging on the best ways to pamper a girl on an anniversary or birthday.

How to Pamper a Girl

We’ll break down this topic into 8 suggestions and recommendations on how to pamper a girl, from physical activities, gestures and gifts that will get you solid brownie points or pull you out of the doghouse (for a while).

Clean the house
If you live together, clean the house. Get up early, make it spick and span, and to cap it off, make her breakfast. Cleaning isn’t usually the guy’s strong point, so the impact is meaningful when it is.

 Go the extra mile and place scented candles everywhere, set the table, put on a record (a part of the present or not) and sit down for a sunny breakfast to start the day of pampering. 


Buy her a pamper pack

As we facilitate and navigate our busy schedules, it’s easy to suppress the basic level of self-care that our minds and souls crave. For women, there’s always a long list of items that need restocking, or they have been on the wish list for quite some time, yes, there is a wishlist waiting for you to tackle. Here is a list of things to include in the pamper pack.


  • Bath Bombs
  • Scented candles
  • Skin treatment
  • Brow treatment
  • Lashes
  • A Pamper Gift Card
  • Marley Spoon subscription
  • New perfume
  • Essential oils
  • Hair treatments
  • Quality dressing gown
  • Slippers, ugg boots

Want a more comprehensive look at what to put in a pamper pack? Read our article.

What to Put in a Pamper Pack for Girls AND Guys

A getaway with her friends

You may not want to hear this, but consider the fact that she mightn’t have seen her friends (properly) for a long time and what she needs most is a solid gossip and vent of all the frustrations in her life. Granted, that this would cater more to the birthday aspect of this article, you’re not going to pay for her and her friends to celebrate your anniversary...

When you’re organising this pamper getaway for her AND her friends, you’re multiplying prices, so to be cost-effective, be strategic in the activities you select. Book some accommodation, reserve a table at a nice restaurant and get her (and only her) a gift voucher for the restaurant. That way, you’re not breaking the bank funding her friends’ expensive taste in wine.

Unless you’re rolling in it, considering it’s an activity that involves their friendship group, you could even get them to chip; depending on how stingy they are, they might actually comply.

Choose from massage therapies, spa treatments or any local tours and attractions that can fill the time.


Understanding how to pamper a girl is understanding that there is no end to the number of treatments that she’s been thinking about since they last popped up on her radar.

But, in all honesty, getting her a voucher to do her eyebrows or get a wax may be too suggestive and could lead to more trouble than you asked for. It’s pretty much why we created the Pamper Card

Choose your selected dollar value and include it in your pamper pack or a little gift at the end of a fancy dinner, and they’ll get access to every beauty-related salon and treatment in Australia… That way, they get to choose, and you’re not misreading any situations or preempting treatment before it needed tending to. 


The Yes Ma’m Day

This is a little concept created by The Card Network, and it involves doing precisely what you’re told… plain and simple.

For one whole day, she gets to wear the pants (even if she does already). Give her access to her darkest fantasies and deepest desires. You may need a safe word for when things are getting a little… hairy.

Give her one premium, exclusive coupon for a ‘Yes Ma’m Day’ an overview of what it entails and watch her eyes light up as the many facets of her evil plans start to formulate.


Are we ticking any boxes on how to pamper girls on a birthday or anniversary? Good, we’ll keep going.  

Glamping is one of those Instagramable experiences that’s trending at the moment. Most regions of Australia will have some form of glamping, but the areas you want to look for are popular coastal destinations or wine regions like Mornington Peninsula and Hunter Valley.

It’s really easy to get caught up in careers, technology and the mundane realities of life. Escaping the rat race for a couple of days is an intimate and grounding medium to strengthening a relationship and restoring the foundation on which your connection was formed.

Partner this experience with fine wine and a country dining experience that contrasts the usual tastes of Uber eats and meat and three veg that dominates the extent of you’re cooking abilities. 


The Pioneering Pamper Pack

For girls that don’t mind getting a little dirty (outdoors that is). The pioneering pamper pack requires strategic planning and methodical travel agent skills… or just a good understanding of booking something on the internet.

Find a bushwalk or a day tour that might intrigue your significant other. Boat and seafood tours for the ocean lovers, skydiving and bungee jumping for the adrenaline seekers, an overnight, guided bushwalk for the adventurous types.

Sometimes creating a memory is the ultimate level of pampering. 


The Big Three

Embrace the ultimate level of indulgence with the big three. Draw up a hit list of three restaurants that you’ve always wanted to try. Plan the day with breakfast, lunch, and dinner as your guide and fill in the gaps with cute little activities.

Go to a farmers market after breakfast, see a movie or challenge her to a game of minigolf after lunch, and after dinner… well, you may be pretty exhausted. Just see how you go after dinner - a snuggle on the couch may be the one and only desire by that stage. 


The Pamper Card and Her Card 

Lean on The Card Network a little, and we’ll provide a complete experience entirely captained by your significant other. Gifting the freedom of choice ensures total satisfaction! Explore our range of cards! The Card Network.


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