Catching up with Tania Zaetta

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we caught up with Tania to chat about life as a twin mum and how she balances her time between her work and home life.

Tania Zaetta is a TV Host of many shows around the world including the UK and India, most famous for being the Aussie daredevil host on the 90’s hit show ‘Who Dares Wins, celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. She is also a qualified natural health and beauty therapist, Pilates instructor, speaker, Event MC and runs her own online health business teaching women how to overhaul their health with natural products. 

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we caught up with Tania to chat about life as a twin mum and how she balances her time between her work and home life.


You welcomed twins Alby and Kenzie back in 2018, how has life changed since their arrival?

Life is definitely more hectic, busier and much noisier at home these days and I love it! I wouldn’t have it any other way. I absolutely LOVE being a twin Mum and am so in love with my little ones (3 ½ years old). It’s amazing how much simple things like teaching them to count or put on a jumper for themselves gives me such a sense of purpose and meaning. I feel so privileged to be their Mum and life teacher.

One thing that has changed is I can longer be that ‘last minute’ kind of girl I used to be when it comes to going out, traveling, packing etc. I’m far more organised now, I have to be! It definitely takes me longer to get out the door and into the car to go do anything these days than it used too. My twins always want another stuffed toy or a different pair of shoes that I need to go back into the house for.


Run us through a typical day at home with twins.

We wake after a night of musical beds, with my partner Chris and I never knowing which bed we’re going to wake up in! We walk between bedrooms like sleep walking zombies during the night while Alby and Kenzie still aren’t sleeping through the night.

Then up, breakfast, try to catch them as they sing, ‘can’t catch me Mummy, I’m the gingerbread man’ running in opposite directions when it’s time to get them dressed. Yes, twins really do stick together and it’s quite funny how they already team up against me. 

3 days a week they go to day care which they love and it gives me a chance to go to a Pilates class and take our dog ‘Cptn Charlie’ for a big beach walk. Then I cram in as much work as I can either at home with my online business or out speaking at events, hosting a tv guest spot or teaching one of my corporate health workshops for a company.

On the days they’re home with me they may have morning swimming, karate or dancing class. Afterwards we always have an outing after to a café, playground, the beach, scooters in the park or anything outdoors to help them be adventurous and burn off a bit of energy. I love doing everything with them and taking them everywhere I go.

Once they’re in bed and asleep I tidy up from the day, put away 3000 toys, get things ready for the next day, do a couple of hours work on my laptop, then try to watch an hour of Netflix with Chris to switch off. Between 10pm-11pm I don’t just climb into bed, I collapse into it with exhaustion. Buy hey, that’s just everyday #Mumlife and I wouldn’t change a thing because having my twins is the most rewarding achievement of my life.


How has being a mother changed you? 

I’ve always considered myself a good multi-tasker, able to juggle many projects at once in different countries and cramming more into a day than most people. Add being a ‘twin Mum’ to the mix on top of all that and I seriously feel like the champion of all multi-taskers! Just a bit more tired. 

I feel I have a lot more patience now and my priorities have definitely changed. I have these two incredible mini humans that need me for everything, and I know the greatest gift I can give them is ‘my time’. They don’t care about how much money you have, or the car you drive or why you’re working so hard, all they care about is the ‘quality time’ you give them right now, and all the kisses and cuddles. 


What’s the best advice your mother gave you?

Wow, where to start! I could write a book on all the amazing advice my Mum has given me. She is truly amazing. I just want to be the best mum to my kids like my mum has been to my two brothers and me.

We’re close like sisters, speak every day and although we live in different parts of the country at the moment, we travel frequently to see each other and she’s a huge part of Alby and Kenzie’s lives.

Through great times and rough times Mum has always taught me to be like a leaf on a tree blowing in the breeze, always staying grounded and anchored to the branch. Just like the wind blows a leaf one way then the other then life will also take you down one path then another and sometimes you just have to go with whichever way the wind blows you.

One of my favourite mottos Mum has instilled in me for decades is ‘and this too shall pass’. So, whatever we’re feeling or going through at any given time will pass and all we need to do is just keeping putting one foot in front of the other each day to get through and continue moving forward. And to BREATHE! Stop, pause, take a moment to take big breaths when we’re feeling overwhelmed or snowed under because our breath is our life force.


Tell us about one of your fondest memories with your mum.

So many are springing to mind it’s hard to pick just one out of an entire lifetime.Having Mum coincidently being on a flight from Gold Coast to Melbourne the morning I had my twins very prematurely at 33 weeks is a beautiful memory I’ll treasure forever. It’s normal for twins to arrive early but we weren’t expecting to have them on the day we did, so it was a miracle that Mum happened to be on a flight to come see me on that same day and arrived an hour after they were born. It was so special to have her there seeing these teensy tiny little 31cm, 1.5kg babies the size of your hand with arms and legs as big as your fingers. 


How would you describe your parenting style?

Extremely loving and affectionate, hopefully without being a smothering ‘helicopter’ Mum ha!

I’m very generous and nurturing with my time as a parent, not overly strict although I can be firm when needed. I’m quite open with my views on education and believe travelling and life’s experiences are the world’s greatest form of education. That’s how I learned most of what I know.

Being an older Mum, having Alby and Kenzie at 48yrs old, has meant I feel I’ve achieved more than I ever dreamt of career wise and have been lucky enough to travel and do so many amazing things. I certainly never feel like I’ve missed out on anything. Being completely content and feeling settled definitely reflects in my calm parenting style I believe.


What values do you want to install in your kids?

Kindness, independence, manners, honesty, integrity and respect with a hell of a lot of laughter, fun and adventure thrown into the mix. I want my children to know that they can come to me with absolutely anything without being judged and I will try to help or offer advice and guidance. Just like my parents have done with us.

How will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?

I love celebrating special occasions and milestones, so we remember them and have beautiful memories to remind us. I’m not exactly sure what Chris and the kids have planned for me, but I know it will involve coffee, scrambled eggs, some gorgeous drawings or crafts made with love from Alby and Kenzie and an outing somewhere for lunch on or near the water. I’m just so happy to be a mum and able to celebrate such a lovely day. 


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