10 Places to Shop for Teenage Boys

Find all the tips; from the best places to shop for teenage boys plus a little inside scoop on the best gift cards that’ll make the process a lot easier. 

Picking the right gift is never easy. And what if the person you’re shopping for happens to be a teenage boy? Say he’s got a birthday, graduation or a huge sporting achievement that you want to celebrate. Spending your already limited time trying to find the best places to shop for a teenage guy can be a nightmare. 

The best physical and online shops for teens are not always there when you need them. The traditional way of him spending your money - by nicking your credit card and thinking he’ll get away with it! - is exactly the kind of expense we want to help parents avoid.

So we’ve taken time to compile a list of the 10 best places teenage boys will actually buy from. We’ve included the kind of stores where he can find and buy something he wants and so that you can do something that – finally – gets him to smile. 

The list should also give you some clues on how he will likely spend a gift card in that sometimes impenetrable and confounding world teenage boys insist on living in: the world of online gaming.

Best Places to Shop for Teenage Boys

Some of these stores we’re sure you already know about. But there are probably others that only he knows about. What we’ve done is put all the best places to shop together in one list to make it easier for you to make your gift decision. Teenage boys really are slaves to fashion; they will always chase the latest trends. And something like the Teen Gift Card is perfect for letting them pick exactly what they want. This list will give you a few ideas about the on-trend fashions, street-, surf-, foot- and sportswear that he might already be all over.


ASOS’s reputation among online fashion retailers - and among teenage boys - is right up there with the best. With over 850 brands to choose from (including their own), free delivery and returns, and a 24/7 10% student discount, how can you go wrong? 

From high-end designer gear to tracksuits and loungewear, from hats and sunglasses to socks and joggers, from workwear to underwear, he is guaranteed to find something he’ll love – and, just maybe, something that you won’t hate seeing him in!


Culture Kings

Still in clothes and fashion, Culture Kings really do deserve the crown for streetwear, shoes, accessories and even music merch and band t-shirts. Tops, bottoms, headwear and footwear - he’ll have zero problems finding something he wants. 

Their physical stores have all the latest looks, while their online store offers an even wider range of things to pick out. With regular markdown sales, student discounts and exclusive not-for-sale-anywhere-else, these guys have cornered the market on urban style.


Universal Store

This is the store for finding classic US brands and styles. They blend the current trends in urban street style with a bit of surf, a bit of skate and a bit of sport thrown in for good measure. 

He’ll have no trouble finding the place. I mean, you can’t step into a shopping centre these days without spotting the Universal Store. Brands like Converse, Worship, Deus, Dickies, Lacoste and Levi’s all have a home at the Universal Store.


Surf, Dive ‘n’ Ski

If it’s surf and beachwear that your teen currently covets, he’ll likely already be into the range at Surf, Dive ‘n’ Ski. They’ve got the latest branded t-shirts and boardshorts by Billabong, Rip Curl, Rusty, Quicksilver and Stussy; jeans by Wrangler and Volcom; shoes by Vans and Converse. On top of that, they have essential beach rat accessories like backpacks, towels and thongs (for your feet. . .).



While Surf, Dive ‘n’ Ski has easy to find physical stores, SurfStitch exists as a primarily online surf- and swimwear store. Based in Queensland, they ship to every corner of Australia – whether you’re in a beach-side suburb or a few hours drive from one. 

As well as all the brands and styles mentioned for Surf, Dive ‘n’ Ski, SurfStitch also stock more straight-up sporty brands like Nike and Adidas and camping gear brands like Patagonia and The North Face. They also have an “Outlet” section on their website that offers discounted deals on all sorts of gear.



If he’s a freak for sneakers, then he’ll have no trouble using a gift card at Platypus. Their physical stores are everywhere and they have more than a few deals and specials at their online store. 

Specialising in classic-style skate shoes, quality sports brands and even Dr Martin boots, these guys are all over what teenagers are wearing on their feet today. Brands like New Balance and Puma adorn their shelves, so you can leave it up to him to pick a new favourite shoe.


JD Sports

Also on the sneaker front, JD Sports tout themselves as the ‘Undisputed King of Trainers’. And whereas Platypus sell shoes that are mostly for show, JD stock a huge range of footwear that is designed to withstand being run in or kicked with – though they don’t make any promises about helping fix that strange smell that hangs around his feet. . . They also have him covered for quality brand apparel like shirts, socks and shorts, and cater for European football, basketball, baseball and rugby.


The AFL Store and the NRL Shop

Whatever his football code might be, a gift card would allow him to buy practically anything related to his favourite team. Authentic replica jerseys, team shirts, scarves, and beanies for any and every team – you can find them at these stores. 

The NRL Shop itself sticks to more traditional clothing merchandise, while the AFL Store stocks a crazy amount of team-emblazoned accessories like flags, drinkware, beach towels, backpacks, wallets, watches, memorabilia and . . .UNO cards? Hey, why not?!


XBOX Store

There are few places where the generation gap seems wider than in the world of video games. That’s not to say that all parents are out of the loop – don’t forget who paid for that console, mate! But while there will be some games that parents enjoy, there are guaranteed to be even more that a teenage boy will be interested in. 

It’s the sheer range of products available from the Xbox Store that will make a gift card a must. From Xbox Live memberships to the new Games Pass (which allows access to heaps of complete games – kind of like your Netflix or Stan streaming services) to game add-ons, merchandise, movies, TV shows – the list grows daily.


Brands with online stores:

In addition to these retailers, a gift card can also be spent at a specific brand’s online store. Be it Nike, Calvin Klein or Quicksilver – there are bound to be brand-only deals at these online stores. Check out our full list of participating retailers here.


So, now that you’re armed with all this information, what’s next? You now know the best places where a boy will have no trouble spending his Teen Gift Card, having gone through this list and mentally checked off what he will and won’t like. 

Here’s where you can go to grab his Teen Gift Card. Just choose the dollar amount and then you’re both away! Whether he’s obsessed with footwear, video games, or surf gear, there will be something in these stores that he will love - and love you for! 






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