Be Generous - We chat with award winning chef - Sarah Todd.

What is the best gift you’ve received?

I love it when my son gives me a massage. He will sit for half an hour, gently massaging my head and hands. I don’t know where he learned the technique, but he is a master! 

What do you think is the best gift you’ve given? 
 For me, it is not about spending vast amounts of money but being incredibly thoughtful in giving. The most precious gift is the gift of time, our most prized asset. Whenever I go home, I pamper my Nana with a manicure and pedicure. It is our special time together as we chat about family and what I have been doing while I was away.

How are you generous? 

I have very loyal and dedicated followers on social media. I receive many beautiful messages from people who are inspired by my work, so I take time to reply to those messages and encourage people, especially young women, to work hard and achieve their dreams. Sometimes acknowledging and appreciating someone is the greatest gift of all. 

What is something that you hope to do this year around the gift of giving? COVID impacted all of us to some degree. The second wave in India devastated the country. My team at Antares (my restaurant in India) provided and delivered free nutritious meals to the elderly and COVID positive patients and their families. I will continue to help whenever I can and wherever the need is greatest.

What is the best gift of advice that you have received? 
 Listen with the intent to understand rather than the intent to reply. It is through listening that we get to know a person and learn what makes them unique. 

If someone could give you any gift in the world, what would it be? 
 Aside from their time, it would be something experiential such as a trip to a not commonly known destination. I love exploring places off the beaten track, spending time with local families and experiencing their everyday lives. 

Does the act of gift-giving hold an important place in your life? How so? 
 I think gift-giving is the key to life.  Whether the gift is tangible, the gift of time, or some well-chosen words, it is how we acknowledge the important relationships in all aspects of our lives. 

Thank you so much for chatting to us, Sarah! You can read more about her here, or follow her on Instagram, here!

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