Four Reasons Why Gift Cards Can Be Just As Thoughtful As A Gift

The Australian gift card industry is expected to grow by 12.2% by 2023. With consumer shopping habits shifting to online shopping during the pandemic, it also brings about the question: are Aussies becoming picky when it comes to the gifts they want to receive? 


According to SurveyMonkey, 68% of people consider gift giving one of their “love languages” and over 67% of people said they’d prefer to be gifted an experience rather than a physical gift. Is it just too hard for gift givers to navigate a saturated market with so much choice, or are gift cards providing more options for tailoring gifts? 


Here’s what we know. 

They’re personalisable.

Despite the rap they’ve had over the years, gift cards can be very thoughtful. Not only can you select a card that suits your friend or loved one’s interests, but you can also choose an experience to share together. Whether it’s shouting your best friend a 7-course degustation at a restaurant that’s been on their list for months, or a day of pampering with your mum at a day-spa in the country, we’re more likely to remember the experiences we’ve had with those we love over the things we’ve acquired. 


They can be used Australia-wide.
Have friends or family interstate? Many gift cards can be used at multiple locations across Australia and even online, which means your gift isn’t limited by location. A going away gift for a friend moving states means a great new experience to look forward to when they get there. A “thinking of you” from across the country can be just what someone needs to brighten their day. The best part? They won’t perish like flowers do – and they last a lot longer!

They now have a longer expiration date. 

ln 2019 the law changed to introduce the Gift Card Consumer Law requiring gift cards to have a minimum three-year expiry date. In uncertain times like a global pandemic, you want to be able to have flexibility with how you use or where you use your gift card. No more digging around your wallet hoping that your gift card from last Christmas is still active. It also means the special person in your life can really take the time to choose their gift.


They’re not as limiting as they once were. 

Once upon a time, when you received a gift card, it was usually only valid at the one place. Now there are so many options. Sports-loving brother? Have a boss who’s always across the latest beauty treatments. Take the pressure off and give them a gift card that you know they will really love. As they have the power, they can spend it where they really like – no more worrying about them not liking it, or hassling to exchange the goods for something else. And when you purchase one of our experience gift cards, they can be used anywhere within the category that accepts eftpos. This means you can spend less time wandering around the shops hoping that you’ll spot something they’ll like. 

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