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Every year, Christmas seems to present a bigger challenge, doesn't it? Or is it just us?

For one thing, the family keeps growing! More children are born into the fold, others bring in new partners. Every time we get together for Christmas, it seems there is at least one more to shop for. And secondly, younglings and oldlings alike are constamtly updating their interestes and hobbies, so instead of trying to keep up, why not let them choose what they want? 

Let's spend some time exploring the latest up-to-date gift ideas. Gifts you can personalise, and you know the recipient will love! 

And no, these are. not just ANY gift cards. Read on, and learn about some ideas for Christmas gifts that will be ideal for every person in your family or friendship circle. 

Good Reasons for Choosing a Gift Card

We always want to buy gifts that will thrill the receiver, but there are obstacles to this. 

  • Tastes change and what was dearly loved for the last five years might currently be irrelevant.
  • Newcomers to the family are unknown and just because he's a man, doesn't mean he wants socks.
  • Clothing sizes may change over the Christmas months from all that damn good food! 
  • Cutie little girls turn into tomboys and bouncing baby boys grow into little guys.
  • Kids change from polite young girls or boys to funky adolescents.
  • And of course, your father has everything so what could he possibly need?

So why not enjoy some fun times this Christmas, and let them do the choosing! That way you can safely cater to each person without fear of proving yourself to be out of date or boring.

Choosing the Correct Type of Card

Your first task is really simple. Decide which person you are buying for and sort them into categories.

How do you know what the sweet little neice or nephew, who has turned thirteen, will want for Christmas? All you need to know is she's a teenager. 

Buy them a Teen Card. They can spend it on clothes, games, technology, or whatever they fancy. And they'll love you forever!

The same applies to all the categories you're looking for. The Card Network has partner with some of the best retailers in Australia. The best possible selection of shops caters to every group of people. 

So you have the option of: 

Gift Exchanges as Part of the Fun

There can be more to just purchasing cards and handing them out as Christmas Gifts. Here are sme fun suggestions to make them part of the holiday activites.

White Elephant Gift Card Exchange

Each person brings a gift card of any (or an agreed) denomination. These are wrapped and each participant receives a number. 

When they draw their number, they choose a wrapped card. They can either open it at the time, or they can keep it until the end.

Players have the opportunity to trade and swap according to their taste. 

Goldfish Challenge

This is a variation of the old carnival game, where you throw a ping-pong ball into a bowl in the hope of winning a goldfish! How much better to have a gift card in each bowl? 

A variant of that game would be to use red cups, with the gift cards taped under the cups. When someone lands a cup in the cup, they claim their gift card. 

Pop Goes The Gift Card

In this game, some brave person inserts a gift card into each balloon. He then fixes the balloons to a corkboard. 

Players take turns to throw a dart to see which gift card they win. If there are young children involved, they can stomp or sit on it. 

Twenty Questions

In this game, the question-master asks each participant a question. Whoever answers correctly, either selects a wrapped gift card or receives the one attached to the question.

You can also play this with a twist. For example, the question 'What gift cards are sold at Coles?' may get a quick response from someone anxious to win a gift from Coles.

I am sure these ideas will set your creative juics churning. Each is wide open to variations suitable for your group of people. 

Where to Buy Gift Cards?

You can buy The Card Network Gift Cards at any of the main Australian retailers such as Woolworths, Coles, Target, Big W and 7/11. Alternatively, you can buy them online and arrange to have the gift card delivered via post or directly to their email to the recipient of your choice.

So What Are You Waiting For?

We do hope this post has got you excited about buying Christmas presents this year. We would like to challenge you to give each person the perfect gift card, either as a personal selction or in a fun exchange game. 

Shop this Christmas with The Card Network.

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