The Best Christmas Gift Cards For Kids

Are you racking your brains, trying to think of the best Christmas gifts to give the kids this year? It might be a good idea to get started early.

Australians are expected to spend $11 billion on Christmas gifts this year. That means retailers are going to be busier than ever. 

As kids grow older, it's harder to keep track of the latest trends. When you ask them what they want, they shrug their shoulders. How can you get them something they really want? 

Then there's that difficult person to shop for. They have everything they need. Or they'd prefer to choose their own gift because they have very specific tastes.

The Christmas Gift Card may be the best option for you.

Here's a guide to a great selection of gift cards to choose from.

The Christmas Gift Card for Kids

This gift card is flexible and easy to use. It can be used at a wide range of retailers. Some of them allow you to use the card online and others offer in-store shopping.

Toyworld allows in-store shopping using the Christmas Gift Card for Kids. It's ideal when you know there's a location near the child you are giving it to. They offer a great selection of fun toys at a wide range of prices.

If they can't visit a retail location, they can use the card to shop online at the Xbox store. They're sure to find a game they will enjoy.

Booktopia is another great retailer that allows online use of the card. There's a full children's section organized by age group. It's a great way to get your kids interested in reading.

The Kids Gift Card

When choosing a gift card for kids, it's important to select one that is easy for them to use. The ideal card can be used at a store close to their home.

When that's not available or you aren't sure what stores are nearby, select a card that can be used online. That way they can be sure to choose their own Christmas gifts.

One great retailer that offers both online and in-store shopping is AG LEGO® Certified Stores. The online option is a great idea for shopping this year. Another great retailer is Xbox and they also accept the Kids Gift Card for online shopping. They have an epic selection of games. 

The Teen Gift Card

This is the perfect gift for the finicky teen. Teens are pros at shopping online so they won't have any trouble finding a way to use their gift card to purchase their Christmas presents.

ASOS is a popular fashion retailer where your teen is sure to find the perfect outfit. They accept the Teen Gift Card for online shopping. There are many other brand names to shop at. H&M, Showpo, White Fox, and Tommy Hilfiger, not all of them… just the good ones.

Your teen can shop online at the Xbox store or find what they want at JB HiFi. It's great for the teen who's into gaming and technology. JB HiFi sells everything technology, including drones and computer equipment. They're always running sales, so your teen will be able to grab a great deal.

Intersport has a wide range of fitness clothing for all ages and sizes. Your active teen will find exactly the gift they were hoping to receive.

The Active Gift Card

If your kid has decided to play a new sport next year, how exciting would it be if they got to select all their gear? Having a choice in these things is going to avoid returns, age-old “oh woooow! Always wanted one of those!!” type replies, and of course you have to choose a product in their favourite colour...  Well, The Card Network’s Active Gift Card covers a heap of retailers that accept the card.

If a Camping World store is nearby, this card will be a terrific gift for the avid outdoors feind. From RV rentals to power converters, there's something for every camper on your list.

For rugby, soccer, AFL, and basketball fans, this gift card will allow them to shop online with access to a wide variety of cool team jerseys and other swag. Imagine their delight when they realize they can choose exactly what they want.

The Cinema Gift Card

For movie fans, this card is a great Christmas gift. This card can be used at all cinemas in Australia that have EFTPOS.

The holder of the Cinema Gift Card will be able to use it to purchase tickets to the next blockbuster movie they want to see. 

The Online Gift Card

Okay, Online Gift Cards are great because it gives you diversity in where you can shop. Grab something for the kids, and head over to your favourite retailer and buy yourself something nice. 

There are a lot of boutiques and clothing stores for the fashionista. You'll love the selection and, let’s be honest, it’s a guilty pleasure having browse but it’s an added bonus when you’re not just window shopping. 

Get All Your Christmas Shopping Done in One Place

At The Card Network, we've revolutionized the gift card industry by creating cards that offer a wide range of choices for your purchase. 

We have partnerships with some of the best retailers where Australians love to shop. Be sure to register your Christmas gift card online. Then present it at one of the participating retailers to make your purchase.

Be sure to review the list of retailers connected to the gift card you are purchasing. That way you'll be sure your recipient gets access to the store they want to shop at.

Our team is ready to help you select the gift card that is right for your needs!

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