Be Generous - We Chat with Fleur Studd - Founder of Market Lane Coffee and Melbourne Coffee Merchants.

We’ve interviewed some of our favourites in the hospitality world to find out what the act of giving through gifts means to them. Our next interview is with Fleur Studd, who is the coffee connoisseur behind notable companies, Market Lane and Melbourne Coffee Merchants.

From London to Melbourne, Fleur Studd knows the difference between brews. That is why she has pioneered some of Melbourne’s best coffee in the name of Market Lane - which you’ll find everywhere from the centre of the CBD, right through to Prahran and Brunswick East. She sat down with us to chat about what generosity means to her, and how she brings it into her every day. 


Can you tell us about your background for our readers? Introduce yourself.

I’m Fleur Studd  - the founder of Melbourne Coffee Merchants and Market Lane Coffee, which you can find in the Queen Victoria Markets, Collins Street, Prahran, Brunswick East (where we have our roastery), and South Melbourne. Market Lane has been open since 2009, and we have now grown into many different stores, as well as providing coffee education and cupping workshops - we try to focus on the environmental impact of coffee making, as well as being transparent with our work ethics, ethos and where we source from. 

Photo via Market Lane Coffee



What is the best gift you’ve received? What do you think is the best gift you’ve given?

There’s been a few notable ones - I am big on meaningful gifts, rather than something tangible. Some of my favourites have included a hand-drawn picture from my children and a beautiful note from a friend. Otherwise, I do love a sleep-in and a cup of hot coffee in bed, as well as time with family and the people I love.

I love gifting people a Market Lane Coffee Subscription via our Coffee Club, so they can get a different brew to their door every fortnight. We send new beans each time and the delivery comes with tasting notes, a photo from the producer, and details about what makes the coffee special. It’s a lovely way to be a small part of people’s everyday rituals, even when we can’t physically be together. 

Is there a way that you try and be generous? If so, in what way. 

When it comes to gift-giving, I try to find things people will use and value. I keep notes on my phone if I think of or see a gift that reminds me of someone so that when a special occasion comes up, I can be generous with my gifting and give them something they’ll treasure! 

Photo via Market Lane Coffee


What is something that you did last year, or hope to do this year, around the gift of giving? 

My husband is having his 50th birthday this year - which is a big one! Our hope is that we can celebrate with our closest friends and family, but with restrictions looming, a big party was off the cards. Instead, we are plotting weekends away and having special dinners at home – making more of an extended festival out of it. 


As part of his present, I am making him a podcard. I’m getting all of his friends to leave a little message for him, so everyone around the world can contribute to our celebration, even if they can’t be there in person. I was given one for my 40th and it completely blew me away. There were a lot of tears and laughter as we listened to it, but hearing the voices of 40+ people you adore is pretty damn special! 


What is the best gift of advice that you have received? 

Make everything meaningful. 


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