How to Pamper a Guy - 5 Ways to Level-up Their Self-care

Want more on how to pamper a guy? We’re offering you 5 ways to level up their self-care and a few suggestions on pamper gifts for guys!

Do guys like being pampered? The answer is yes… and more than you know. But, in all honesty, there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all, and some of the suggestions we’re going to mention on ‘how to pamper a guy’ may or may not be the best option for your man. So cross-reference what he likes and add your spin to it.

Besides pamper days, another popular way to spoil a man is to go through all the essential self-care items they never have time to assemble or can’t spare the extra cash to justify a purchase and group them together, gift-wrapped and bowed for the big unveiling. We’ll dive into different pamper gifts for guys and give you a list so you don’t have to rummage through his smelly stuff. 

Do guys like being pampered?

The traditional restraints of being a ‘manly man’ are becoming outdated and, quite frankly, a little insensitive to those that love the feel of a ‘manscaped’ look and possess a keen sense of fashion.

It’s becoming increasingly normal for guys to have beauty days where they take on the self-care checklist that quite often gets neglected due to busy schedules and financial prioritisation.

If your partner’s not exactly comfortable with the idea of going out and pampering himself, exposing him to a day, completely orbital around his self-care is a fast track to normalising such behaviours.

But if you're unsure of where the line is crossed (e.g. giving him a gift voucher for a wax or a brow job), there is a way around it…

The Him Card
The Him Card covers a range of retailers, catered explicitly to ‘what MEN like’... whatever that means. If you’re unsure of what form ‘pampering’ manifests in the mind of a man or the man you’re buying for, then letting him choose is a sure way to capitalise on nailing it in the gift department.

The Pamper Card

The Pamper Card is more for the guys that are sold on the whole pampering idea. Get them one of these bad boys, and they gain access to thousands of barbers, massage parlours, day spas, and treatment salons.

Perfect little cherry on top to include with a pamper pack, but we’ll touch on that a bit later. Anyway… the suggestion is there, take it or leave it.

5 Suggestion on How to Pamper a Guy

Whether they’ve had a long day at work, a stressful month, or it’s a special occasion that needs spicing, it’s time to learn how to pamper your man. 


1. Massage Spa Therapy 

Okay, you probably could have guessed this one. But, the thing is, a lot of guys don’t know that they love massages! They just need to be thrown into the deep end.

Once they feel the tension dissipate and the recirculation of blood flow they didn’t know they had, there will be praise flying left, right, and centre.

The best thing about exposing someone to something that takes their liking by storm is, firstly, the satisfaction of hearing someone rave about something that you’ve loved for so long, and secondly… brownie points.

You may have heard the saying “happy wife, happy life”, well it works both ways. No one likes a cantankerous, bitter old boyfriend/husband that is too uptight and tired from his endless list of errands and the mountainous piles of work waiting for him at the job site/office. Watch the massage and/or spa therapy work a charm. 


2. Tattoo Time

Getting him a tattoo is obviously very specific to his interests. If he’s tattoo-less, this one may be a little strange unless he has been speculating about it for a while and just needs a gentle push.

Now, you might be thinking, surely this is not considered pampering, but for people that love tatts, it is! Some even say it’s relaxing. We spoke to a tattoo-lover during our research, and he said that he’s even fallen asleep during one of his sessions before!

Anyone with tattoos can agree that they are a commodity, often unprioritised. They are expensive, like, really expensive, so we’re sorry if this suggestion breaks the bank a little. At least it’s the most permanent suggestion in our list on how to pamper guys - which could be a double-edged sword if he doesn’t like the tattoo and he’s stuck with it…


3. Create the Ultimate Date Night/Day
In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget that the most important aspect of our relationship is spending time together outside of our regular routines. We’re not talking about a night in with a good movie or a bottle of wine and a home-cooked dinner… we’re talking something damn extravagant.

Pamper the man like he’s never been pampered before. Take him paintballing with friends, take him sky-diving, or bungee jumping, find a natural attraction like a hot spring or waterfall to explore and finish it off with a lunch at a winery.

Once again, understanding how to pamper a guy is understanding who he is and what he loves. Take these suggestions and make them your own. We are but a mere stepping stone to creating a killer pamper day.


4. Pamper Gift for Guys

Pamper gifts for guys… where to begin.

The best way to find out what to include in the ultimate gift basket is to find out what’s missing from the long-term essentials list and what he’s never tried before, but you’re confident he’ll love.

  • Cologne
  • A new shaver/ shaving supplies
  • A carton of his favourite beer
  • A bottle of his favourite wine
  • Fresh undies and socks
  • Quality beans for the coffee machine
  • Gift Cards
  • Candles
  • Moisturiser
  • A fresh summer/winter outfit.
  • A backlog of his favourite snacks
  • Gift voucher for a massage, day spa
  • Tattoo vouchers
  • Sex toys


Think about his job. Is there anything he needs for work? What about the social sports team he plays for? Maybe he’s desperate for a sports outfit or a pair of runners!

 When it comes to finding pamper gifts for guys, there’s a huge chance that as long as it comes from the heart and their best interests were in mind during the purchase, there’s no way you can choose wrong!!


5. A Weekend Away

It’s time to get out of the city. Escape the rat race and treat your man to a weekend getaway that involves eating, drinking, and a little R & R, the three things that keep our professional careers, relationships, and, well, our sanity ticking along.

Into surfing, snowboarding, wine, theme parks, shopping? Let his interest be the determining factor on where you end up going.

We find keeping things a surprise is the most effective way to make a lasting impression. Facilitate with his work to take days off and be as low key as you can. When he gets home and the bags are packed, he’ll freak out… 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our take on how to pamper guys. Rember to check out the Him Gift Card and the Pamper Card, slap it in his pamper pack. He’s going to love the diversity in where he can spend! Enjoy!

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